Mohan Babu & Suresh Babu cheated UKUP Ceeded distributor

Narasimham is a hardcore Balakrishna fan from YSR Kadapa district who does Milk and Cattle business. He wanted to venture in to movie distribution. He expected to enter through Balakrishna and Manchu Manoj’s Uu Kodathara Ulikki Padathara. When he approached Manchu family, they have quoted 2.5C for the Ceeded region rights which is very high by any means. Then comes the news, the movie was screened to distributors in Chennai and the movie is a super duper hit. Narasimham was tempted and bought the movie. After the payment of 2.3C was made, Mohan Babu had urged for extra 20 Lakh payment and got it from Narasimham blackmailing him about not giving the movie prints. All this after cashing the 2.3C cheque.

After this, the positive talk about the movie spread like a wildfire. Then comes senior most distributor Suresh Babu in to the picture. He pacified the new distributor lending his experience in movie distribution. He released the movie in Ceeded through Suresh movies. If the movie went on to become a hit as expected, Narasimham would have been kicked out of the picture. But things turned topsy turvy, the movie registered outright disastrous talk. After the first week of the release, Collection copy was sent to Narasimham meaning he will have to bear the loss of the venture.