Mohan Babu gave clean chit to YSR sister

‘Collection king’ Mohan Babu along with his wife, son Vishnu and his daughter-in-law met Home minister Sabitha Indra Reddy(who was accused as A4 in 5th charge sheet in Jagan’s Illegal assests cae by CBI ) at her place in Hyderabad today , has made some sensational statements before press.

After meeting Sabitha, Mohan Babu speaking to media said, Sabitha’s husband Indra Reddy is like his younger brother and He known very well about her. He said, Sabitha is a clean chit lady, I personally feel that she has not done any mistake and she cannot reveals the facts also in public about what has happened .Taking about corruption Mohan Babu said, Corruption has started at center by UPA government , all the scams like helicopter purchase scam and other scams are done by UPA.

Observers say, This clearly tells his future destiny of sailing with YSR party. if he finds fault in Sabitha, the GO’s signed by her will become faulty , inturn it point outs Jagan’s guilty. That’s the reason Mohan Babu supported Sabitha taking press along with him.