Modi’s government agrees in Principle with OROP

modiPrime Minister Narendra Modi said his government has accepted One Rank One Pension scheme (OROP) “in principle”.

Addressing the meeting from Red Fort after unfurling the national flag He said, Many governments have come and gone. OROP has come before all govts. They all made small promises. I also couldn’t do it. I promise again. Discussions have come to final leg, we are finding a solution, I hope for a positive result. In principle we have accepted One Rank One Pension( OROP). I am saying in front of the ‘Tiranga’ today,have accepted the pending demand of OROP, talks are on and soon a decision will be reached.This government agrees in Principle with OROP we are moving forward with negotiations, said Modi

While Congress reacted strongly on OROP Manish Tewari of Congress said, The OROP row represents perhaps the greatest betrayal of this Govt,PM tried to spin the issue.