Modi waged a war against poor people : Rahul Gandhi

rahul-gandhiCongress Vice President Rahul Gandhi interacts with locals in Dadri and addressing a local gathering in Uttar Pradesh , he slammed at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over Demonetization.

He said PM Modi waged a war against poor people on November 8 and changed over time saying first it was fight against black money, then terrorism and now it’s about making society cashless.

He ridiculed saying ,PM talks about making the society cashless, society has already become cashless because of Demonetization, people are suffering.

He alleged, A few big businessmen have taken Rs 8 lakh crore loans from banks, which they are not paying back . But PM cannot bring back money from them as they were the ones to market him. Hence, PM has made you stand in lines for banks to function.