Modi points out Manmohan’s raincoat bathing skills

modi-manmohanThere was a Uproar in Rajya Sabha over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remark on former PM Manmohan Singh.

PM said, Dr. Manmohan Singh skilled at bathing with a raincoat. despite Scams, Dr Singh not tainted that’s a skill, says PM.

“Ek bhi daagh nahi laga un par? Bathroom mein raincoat pehen kar nahaane ki kala sirf Dr. saab(MMS) hi jaante hain”- PM Modi

Congress MPs stage a walkout in Rajya Sabha over PM Modi’s remark on former PM Manmohan Singh. Its leaders lash out at PM Modi’s remarks.

Former Union ministser PChidambaram said, They have Walked out as protest,such harsh&ugly comments not acceptable.No PM in past made sch comments about a former PM.