Modi is more of Foreign affairs than PM

modiTelangana IT Minister K.Tarakarama Rao who is spearheading the campaigning for the ruling TRS already conducted scores of roadshows and pada yatras seeking voters’ support for TRS He said, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is more of ‘Minister of foreign affairs’ than Prime minister.

He said, He is ready to speak more than a hour continuously, about the achievements  of TRS government in last 19 months. Can Kishan Reddy speak , What NDA govt at center has done in last 19 month?, challenged KTR.

He said, If at all hyderabad was developed by previous governments,  Why would there be the problems still welcoming people ?. He questioned, Why there is still drink water problem in Hyderabad? . After elections , All parties will lock their party offices , satires KTR.