Modi hints one more weapon to curb Black Money

modiPrime Minister Narendra Modi Addressing the Indian diaspora in Japan thanked the people of India for supporting the decision taken by the center to curb Black Money.

He said, “I salute the people for standing in the queues for five to six hours but endured the hardship. The same way as people in Japan endured in 2011 during Tsunami”.

He said , Demonetization is not a hasty decision or not an overnight decision, first they had brought in a scheme. Its not that no opportunity was given, it was given to convert Black money to White through INcome declaration scheme and it fetched 67 thousand crores. He said, Till 30 December, there will be no trouble caused to anyone. Everything that is yours, you will get it. There is no need to be panic on Demonetization as the scheme lasts till December 30th.

He said, It was important to keep it a secret, couldn’t share it with anyone. He guaranteed that there would be another weapon after this , to curb Black money in the country . He said Will check records since Independence. If I come across unaccounted cash, nobody will be spared.