Modi government pass with 61 percent

rp_modi-300x300-1.jpegA recent Survey states that 61 percent are satisfied with the performance of Prime minister Narendra Modi government.

A survey was conducted on eve of 3 years completion of Narendra Modi government. More than 40,000 respondents in around 200 cities.

Survey finds 61% of Indians are happy with Modi, and 17% say that his governance is above the expectations and the rest 18% say that BJP govt didn’t do anything special.

Q 1 Which according to you has been the most effective mission of the NDA government in past 3 years.
Direct benefit transfer 47%
Swachh Bharat 16%
Make in India 8%

  • 51% felt terrorism and terrorists activities have come down.
  • Only 28% felt prices of essential commodities have reduced.
  • 47% belive corruption has reduced.
  • 64% believe Indian government handled Pakistan well
  • Ony 37% say corruption reduced after demonization
  • 28% feel crime against women has reduced.
  • 51% feel demonization is successfully cracking down black money
  • Only 21% feels unemployment rate has reduced.
  • Only 35% feels Swachh Bharath is effective.