Modi eats 1.2 crore worth mushrooms per month

rp_modi-300x300-1.jpegMushrooms becomes topic of Gujarat elections on the last day of election campaign which is going for polls tomorrow.

Alpesh Thakor, activist & Congress leader accused that Prime Minister Narendra Modi eats imported mushrooms. One mushroom costs Rs 80 thousand and he eats 5 mushrooms a day.PM Modi was black like me but he became fair because he is eating imported mushroom from Taiwan since he was CM.

Newly-inducted Congress leader Alpesh Thakor said “Pehle Modi kaale (black) the, ab lal tamatar Jaise kaise ho Gaye? Har roz ₹4 lakh ke mushroom Khate hai” .

He said, the PM who eact 1.2 crore worth mushrooms, think how much his BJP party leader will eat the public money.