Mockery of freedom of press

telugu-tv-channelsTelugu Desam party which severely condemned Telangana government when it has blocked two news channels ABN Andhra Jyothi and TV9 in the state earlier, has done the same thing criticising the freedom of press.

Earlier TRS banned those channels on self respect issue and also false reporting, now TDP bans a channels for what it claims false propaganda to create a panic among public in AP .

According to DC paper, Telugu news channels NTV was blocked in the state of Andhra pradesh three days back in some parts as a warning for telecasting every details of cash for vote. Another news channel Sakshi TV might also face axe very soon.

Its not just the political parties working for their vested interests, but the media also have their own vested interests. Every political party in the Telugu speaking states have their own news channels or channels that are indirectly supporting them . Their is no professional journalism in present generation, biased reporting and paid news are making fun of journalistic ethics .