MLA’s graveyard sleep

These days politics is more like a job in the entertainment industry. More than doing something concrete for the welfare of the people, the politicians are busy coming up with variety stunts and providing entertainment to the media and the idlers. Here is one more interesting incident.

It is heard that the Tirupathi MLA Bhumana Karunakar Reddy has come up with a special form of protest. The issue was the increasing scarcity of graveyards to perform the last rites. So, instead of scouting for proper lands, Bhumana went ahead and slept in the graveyard for a night to convey his demand.

He is not a new MLA nor is Tirupathi a new place to him. Bhumana knows every nook and corner of the temple city and if he is really concerned about this issue then he should be practical and arrange for a proper land to be used as a graveyard. By sleeping inside the graveyard for a night, how will it solve the problem? What a joke!