Miyapur land scam point fingers at KCR’s clean govt

rp_kcr-1-300x162.jpgThe Miyapur land scam point fingers at the ruling TRS government which maintained a clean image in public from last 3 years.

Sources say the officials of CMO and the ministers are involved in the scam. Chief minister K.chandrashekar Rao has already ordered CBCID inquiry but the opposition parties are demanding CBI inquiry.

TDP Telangana working president L Ramana has demanded a thorough inquiry and also alleged KCR government over corruption charges. While Congress senior leader T Jeevan Reddy said that it will not be possible for the CID to inquire on it. Both the parties are Demanding the Chief Minister to order CBI inquiry into the Miyapur land scam to make the facts public.

While BJP went to a next level and is making an attempt to get permission for this probe by CBI.

It is said, more than 796-acre Govt. land was sold to private companies, hiding records viewing online.