Mister movie Review – Unperfect

mister-reviewMovie: Mister
Director: Srinu Vaitla
Cast: Varun Tej, Lavanya Tripathi, Hebah Patel
Producer: Nallamalupu Bujji, Tagore Madhu
TeuguSquare.com Rating: 2.75/5

Chai(Varun Tej) is a rich guy from Spain based Telugu businessman Rao(Anand)’s family. He goes to the airport to receive Priya where he meets Meera (Hebah Patel) who is on 5 days Spain tour. He meets her in the airport lounge and falls for her instantly. But she is already in love with Siddharth (Prince). In the 4 days Chai and Meera become good friends and later she leaves to India. Meera calls Chai and informs that here is a problem in her love due to her brother, Varun lands in India to resolve the issue.

Chai lands in Karnataka where he meets Chandramukhi (Lavanya). Chandramukhi’s Father Nagineedu tries to kill Varun but due to some sentiments, he decides to fix marriage between Varun Tej and Lavanya and both are engaged. Varun meets his grandfather Nasser. Meera again comes to Chai to find whether he still has a love for her. Who would Chai marry ?..forms the plot.


The is a new kind of story in Varun Tej career,  He did his best in comedy emotions but the absence of the strength in the scenes have diluted his performance. Varun has excelled in intense and emotional scenes. Lavanya and Hebah Patel were adequate. Although there are a lot of actors onscreen but there is nothing much to highlight them.
Good marks for cinematographer Guhan and music director Mickey J Meyer. Editing department should have been concentrated more. There is no freshness in Gopi Mohan’s screenplay. Sridhar’s dialogues were okay. Director Sreenu Vaitla seems like not learn a lesson from his previous debacles. He still using the confusion comedy and spoofs to generate entertainment.


Mister is based on love rule, “If one travels for Love then Love in turn travels for him”. Vaitla developed a big story for the film which is the drawback for the film. The film will pop up with new characters onscreen and with new subplots and twists. But the audience does not experience anything like watching a new film. Vaitla tried everything including Oopiri spoof but was not successful.

In the first half , Movie starts on a good note with the establishment of the rivalry between Piccayyanaiudu (Nasser) and his opponents Gundappa (Tanikella Bharani), Rahul vadiyar (Nikitin Dheer) . Followed by Spain episodes where scenes involving Chai and Meera have entertained. Srinivas Reddy, Tejaswi and Raghu Babu’s comedy scenes are also good.

In the Second half, the films get into the serious mode with a lot of action and drama, Lavanya and Chai presence and Nassar and Chai emotional episodes are shown. The film becomes crowded with a lot of characters and subplots. The director failed to handle the second part which is the big minus for the film. Overall Mister is not so perfect to entertain the audience.

+ Main Cast
+ Photography
+ Production values
-Lack of novelty of the story
– Boring story
– stretching scenes


Mister is just Unperfect