MIM releases Action plan for Hyderabad

Asaduddin-Owaisi-MIM-party-turns-duck-out-in-BiharAIMIM has released its manifesto for GHMC elections and also an action plan for Hyderabad for 2016 to 2021.

In 30 page document its said, MIM vision to make Hyderabad a world class city by constructing Houses, eradicating poverty , development of infrastructure , clean and green city and other aspects.

Owaisi said, Multi level flyovers, subways, multi-level parking lots, service roads, grade separators, skyways, elevated corridors, junction works, foot over bridges and road widening will be taken up by GHDP.

He promised Old city package, Charminar Pedestrianisation Project , Mir Alam Tank beautification, street lights, waste management, water plants in slums ,bus shelters and bus bays in Old city.