Mental Madhilo Review – Simple and Natural

mental-madiloMovie : Mental Madhilo
Actors: Sree vishnu,Neweta Pethu Raju and others
Music: Prashanth R Vihar
Cinematography: Veda Raman
Producer: Raj Kandukuri
Story, screenplay, direction: Vivek Athreya
Banner: Dharma Patha Creations Rating 3.5/5

Arvind Krishna (Sree Vishnu) has confusion state of mind from his childhood. He doesn’t have the clarity on what to pick among two choices. He is also a shy guy, especially with girls. Such a guy is about to get engaged with Swechha (Nivedha Pethuraj). While Swechha was independent thoughts and knows what she wants. She makes efforts to change the mindset of Arvid Krishna till engagement. He gets transferred to Mumbai. The complete transformation takes place in Arvind’s mentality after meeting Renu. Who is this Renu? What happened in the relationship between Arvind and Swechha? forms the plot.


The story and the characters are crucial for the film. The director has selected Sri Vishnu, Nivetha Pethuraj, Renu who have done justice to those roles. This movie will be a plus for Sri Vishnu. Nevetha Pethuraj will get good roles after this film. While Renu drags comparisons with Bollywood actress Vibha Balan. After a long time, Shivaji Raja played a good role. His acting is impressive as a middle-class man.


Technically the director hard work appears in every frame. The director made a simple story in an understandable way.Mental Madilo is an example of How the new directors are thinking? The background music is the signature of the scene. The film is a wonderful movie with his cinematography. Without any punch dialogues or satires, the film is very natural.  Every song comes from the cinematic background is impressive.

Mental Madhilo comes with a Very short line and made to watch for two hours by the director Atreya. Arvind Krishna, Swecha and Renu are the three characters who are very different. The scenes between Arvind -swecha are told in a very natural manner. There are no amazing twists and shots in the story. But will be pleasant like a boat journey on a peaceful lake.

After Renu’s character entry, the composition of the story completely changes and the audience loves her character. The director has not embed any scene forcefully everything goes by a flow. There won’t be melodrama between the characters in the film. The director has given a decent ending for the film with some emotions and originality. Those who love to watch films like Pelli Choopulu will definitely like this film.