Meher Ramesh to direct Mahesh Babu

meher-maheshAmong the current directors of Tollywood, the place for Meher Ramesh is unique, he has  been dubbed in media with a prefix  “Flop director”. Its his hard work which gave him such a tag . The unforgettable disasters films like NTR’s Shakthi or Venkatesh’s Shadow were the results of his creativity.

Ramesh who gave a cameo with Mahesh Babu in a Telugu movie named Bobby released in 2002, is now gearing up to direct Mahesh Babu. Meher Ramesh has been roped to direct Mahesh Babu in a brand new commercial , the preparations are going on in this regard.

Will this director prove himself with the commercial ad or use his creative genius mind to make it a unforgettable ad !.