Mehendi Allergies Reported In a Number of Districts

An unfortunate outbreak of Mehendi allergies on the eve of Eid across the state has everyone w0rried. Muslim women who traditionally apply mehendi to their hands and legs in floral designs had to spend last night suffering from sever rashes and other allergic reactions. A rumor that poison had been mixed in milk supplies also led to further anxiety. Numerous cases were reported from Krishna, Guntur, Nellore, Anantapuram and Kurnool districts.

The most severe outbreak of the allergies is said to have occured in Vijayawada’s old city area. A number of women and even children suffered badly. Some children even fainted and hundreds of people flocked to hospitals. The district collector and the Police Comissioner visited Global Hospitals immediately and tried to reassure the victims. It is believed that using old Mehendi led to this reaction and that the allergies are not serious or life threatening in any way.

Nellore, Gudur, Kavali also faced a similar outbreak. With rumors that 8 people had died from the allergies, there was some tension in the area. Minister TG Venkatesh also visited hospitals in his district. Police officials also went around campaigning with mikes asking people not to believe in rumors that there were fatalities from Mehndi usage.