Mega Heros shake Mahesh babu position

Its seems Mahesh babu position for top position is on a shake  with ‘Rachcha’ doing ‘Rachcha’ at Boxoffice blowing up all records set by Mahesh with his grand hits. There are always big never ending debates and media discussions on who would be the right hero in current trend to become the next No.1after Chiranjeevi. Obviously, the man in full form for last six months was Mahesh Babu with stupendous successes of ‘Dookudu’ and ‘Businessman’ made him the favorite.

However, now the hit ‘Rachcha’ and positive buzz for ‘Gabbar Singh’ are making the No. 1 winds to change their direction and blow towards Mega Family. Yes, the top chair in Tollywood seems to have become seasonal because who ever the hero shakes BO for a while will be regarded as No.1 for that short period. If consistency is taken as the key aspect to decide the top position then not even a single hero will have the eligibility.

Yet, coming days will be very crucial because for the first time, we are seeing our young heroes preparing perfect blueprints to come up each with nearly three to four films in a calendar year. That is a healthy trend indeed. So, let us wish all the best for each of them.