Mega fans planning RGV Sheva Yatra ?

rgvDirector Ram Gopal Varma seems to have become a joker in the industry as the industry people are not at all reacting to his remarks, while his stature has fallen to level of common fans as he started messing them too.

Earlier he broke out on frustration on mega fans for “RGV RIP” and continuing his attack of mega heroes. This time he choose the mighty mega Star Chiranjeevi as his target .

He tweeted , When he was even a zero he dint copy stars like NTR,ANR etc n that’s why he became why shud he copy Tamil for 151st? Just asking. Mega doing Tamil for 151st seems like he trusts Tamil talents more than Telugus n I think not right for Telugu people’s Leader ..just saying. What I am saying is as a telugu citizen to a telugu leader not to depend upon tamil talent for a mega prestigious telugu project like 151st.I only copy but then I am neither Mega nor Telugu ppls leader ..So as a fan I request mega fans to request Mega to believe in local talents (sic)

While Mega fans are planning ” Sheva Yatra” of RGV , A TWITTER handle “Jai Chiranjeevi” @CHIRU_NEWS is reportedly organising RGV Sheva Yatra in Vizianagaram town on Sunday at 10 am , which starts from from Mayuri Junction. 250 Megafans taking part.