Media should not be provocative : Lakshminarayana

rp_JD-Lakshmi-Narayana-300x221.jpgMaharashtra Directorate General of Police and IPS officer VV Lakshminarayana said that the decline in spirituality in society is the main reason for the rape of infants and women.

Lakshminarayana, who was the chief guest of the awards ceremony at a prominent hotel in Hyderabad on Sunday. He said When people are taken to spirituality, they can be prevented from crimes against women. He suggested Teachers, parents and religious organizations should be involved.

Talking about his political entry, Lakshminarayana denies that there is no truth in the campaign and it’s all media speculations. He said that he always liked to be among people. He also criticised the media saying that the media should not be provocative.