Media ready to spit venom on Naayak

Mega Power star Ramcharan sensational comments in Naayak audio launch using a word’ Media’ and generalising the attack with his words is the main cause for the recent set backs.

After social media , Media has become more powerful , It started to rule the minds of every individuals with its wide reach. If we observe, its only after Cherry’s statement, the leaks have started. First it was Naayak song then Yevadu song and latest a planted story about his accident .

This is not going to stop as some of the media heads are very much interestingly waiting for Naayak release. If the movie gets a average talk , they might start a direct attack to call it  a flop , otherwise , they start hyping the other movie which is releasing in 2 days gap. One media group which hold a paper & supporting 3 TV  channels is deadly against Ramcharan waiting for its turn to spit venom on Naayak. Sources say, some other heads of media groups are demanding huge promotion revenues from makers . Overall the situation for Naayak is very sensitive.