Media killing Sardaar Gabbar Singh ?

pawanWhat went wrong in Pawan Kalyan’s Sardaar Gabbar Singh?. Although the National media including the English dailies have stated that Sardaar is entertaining in parts and Pawan Kalyan is a treat to watch.

But the local media especially a News Channel which has recentely changed hands has started spitting venom of the Sardar film from the Friday morning before shows started in India. The channel has literally ran an anti-propaganda campaign against the Power star.

Some of the Telugu gossip web sites too, wantedly gave very bad ratings for the film with some hidden agenda .

Sardaar Gabbar Singh is average entertainer, but a section of media has projected it as ‘Torture’ film , which cannot be watched at all.

For example , A great website rated Sundeep’s ‘Run ‘ film as 2.75/5 . The film has ran for just two days and it was really a torture to watch the slow pace of the film. The same website gave just 2.5/5 for Sardaar . Is Sardaar that Bad? , Those intellectuals should answer !.