Media has turned problematic : Jeevitha

jeevithaActor Jeevitha Rajasekhar fired on media for targeting Tollywood celebrities in Drug racket and projecting Cinema field personalities in a bad sense.

She said Cinema industry is a profession like other professions in the society. Media eyes are always on cinema people so they try to magnify their every moment. Media has turned problematic for them. She requested media to stop negative publicity over Tollywood.

She said, Drugs issue is not a new one, Many politicians kids, Businessmen kids, software engineers were involved in Drug racket earlier but Magnifying only Tollywood actors is not correct. Rather projecting them in a bad sense, One should think as How to control the drugs ?. Who brought this pub culture in Hyderabad? questioned Jeevitha.

She alleged that Drugs are available in every pub. She said Every body should think how to eradicate such drugs.