Mecca : 310 people killed, 400 injured in stampede

meccaAccording to Saudi-owned State Television,310 people killed, 400+ injured in a stampede during Haj outside Mecca.

After Mecca crane crash killing 111, comes Haj stampede at Mina killing over 310.

Pilgrims in thousands assembled at Mina just outside Mecca on Thursday to throw pebbles at one of three walls representing Satan, the symbolic “stoning of the devil” that is part of the hajj.

The hajj is among the five pillars of Islam and every capable Muslim must perform it at least once in a lifetime.

In 1990- 1,426 pilgrims died in a stampede.
In 1994: 270 pilgrims are killed in a stampede .
In 1997: 340 pilgrims are killed in a fire.
In 1998: 180 pilgrims are trampled to death out of panic.
In 2001: A stampede at Mina kills 35.
IN 2004: A crush at Mina kills 244 pilgrims .
In 2006: 360 pilgrims are killed in a stampede
In 2015: At least 220 people are killed in a stampede at Mena and at least 107 people are killed in crane collapse in Mecca.

Emergency Mecca helpline number by the Indian Embassy/Consulates in Saudi Arabia: 00966125458000.