Massive clean up operation of Chennai Oil Spill

chennai-oil-spillThe Tamilnadu Coast Guard continued cleanup operation of oil sludge from the ocean on a war-footing along with support from various government and non-government organizations for the fourth consecutive day today

Hatsoff to the spirit of Tamil people, not for Jallikattu, But for extending their support to the governmnet to cleanup the ocean. They have started massive cleaning operation by lifting oil mixed with sand with their hands, without any protective gears from the sea.

Total 24 tonnes of oil sludge and 9 tonnes of water sludge was collected today from Ennore Port in Tiruvallur (Tamil Nadu).

Chennai Oil Spill Trajectory prediction shows 43 kms of coastline will be affected by Feb 5th (south east of VGP beach to the south of Uthandi) . The oil spill which was spread by strong winds and the waves, crossed the Marina Beach and is moving to other beaches in Chennai. Hyderabad-based #Incois hs projected that by Monday Chennai Oil Spill could spread 45 km along coastline till south of Uthandi near #Kanathur.

Sources say, half a dozen turtles died, fishermen fear losing livelihood.