Massive Blood donation drives to mark Chiranjeevi’s 40 years

rp_chiranjeevi-kaththi-300x168-300x168-1-300x168-300x168-300x168-300x168-1-300x168-300x168.pngThe massive Blood donation drives were organised in India and overseas to mark Chiranjeevi’s 40 years in films.

Akhila Bharata Chiranjeevi Yuvatha president Ravanam Swami Naidu, organized 400 blood donation events across India .Vijay Repalle organised 40 blood donation events in the US in association with American Progressive Telugu Association in 22 different states in the US, more than 356 blood donors have participated.

Around 1068 people have been benefitted with these donations. 20 such events have been planned and nearly 400 people have already pledged to donate blood. Ram Charan said conducted 400 camps in India, 40 in the US and 14 in the Middle East was inspiring.