Mahesh fans clash with Ramcharan fans at Nellore (today)

Mild tension prevailed at the busy Narthaki center ,Nellore here today morning when the fans of Mahesh Babu and Ramcharan clashed with each other and tared flexi’s in the context of the Racha Film records War between the two stars.

Around 11.30 am, about 50 fans of Ramcharan led by the City hardcore fan and Incharge of Fans association reached the venue, carrying with them Flexi poster of Racha records. One among the crowd was said to have telephoned to the Mahesh fans to dare stop the Flexi banner holding.

In a few minutes, a big crowd of Mahesh fans led by the city fans association  president rushed to the spot and instantly tried to tare the flexi banner of Racha records. Both the groups entered into heated arguments, while men of both groups were seen holding bamboo sticks and cricket bats.

For a couple of times, both groups tried to make physical attacks, but were prevented by some elderly among them.

The urban police rushed to the spot and held discussions with the two groups. When the situation seemed to have gone out of control, the cops warned of a lathi charge.

However, fans of the two actors relented and dispersed voluntarily, while the cops took away the Flexi. The commotion left traffic stranded at the busy junction, and the local shopkeepers downed their shutters fearing trouble.