Mani Ratnam’s ‘Roja-2’

Actress Madhoo, who was popularised on the big screen with her super hit sensation “Roja” in 1992, is now enthusiastic to work with the maker of the movie Mani Ratnam. Excited, she speaks, “I wish he makes Roja 2. ”

She expressed her views to be a part of Mani Ratnam’s films which was solely based on the accolades she has won with Roja. 40 year old Madhoo said that she earned a reconition that has not yet faded away with just one movie.

She said that there was an understanding between her and Mani Ratnam. She says that he likes the movies directed by Karan Johar which are usually based on good relationships. She says “all of his movies are based on relationships and without a doubt he is adept at his themes. He makes the movies more attractive with great locations and apparel. I wish i could work with him.”

Madhoo is currently working on a children’s film ‘Tomchi’ where she has a cameo role. She said, “I am too scared of watching today’s films with my children. I want to keep them away from a few things, its very scary.”

“I particularly like children’s films and love animation movies and that is the sole reason why I am a part of ‘Tomchi’. I want to be a part of the children’s movies beacause I can take my kids and their friends to the movies and watch along with them not having to worry about the kisses, bikinis”, she said.

She made her debut in 1991 in the movie Phool Aur Kaante.