Manchu Vishnu to rope in Chinese fighters for Ravana

Actor Manchu Vishnu’s multi-crore project, Raavana, might have some mind-blowing action sequences to be composed by Chinese stunt masters. The actor said that he’s leaving to China to rope in technical talent for the film.Guess what? Vishnu would indulge in talks with martial art stunt directors for the film Ravana, to be directed by K Raghavendra Rao.

Ravana is a retelling of the Epic from Ravana’s view point and Manchu is making plans to produce the mega film under his 24 FramesEntertainment banner. The story and screenplay is being penned by Bharavi and the film has few special erected. Vishnu is there in China for another reason – to scout for locations for the film ” Denikaina Ready”. Perhaps Vishnu might surprise the audience shortly with his production moves!