Manchu Vishnu angry on BJP leader

manchu-vishnu-latest-press-meet-pics-11Actor Manchu Vishnu expressed his anger over BJP spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao. BJP has been criticising Tamil film actor Vijay’s ‘Mersal’ movie for misinterpreting the goods and service tax for last few days.

Recently Narasimha Rao spoke in an interview in it He said that Many Indian actors have no knowledge of the subject. His remarks turned sensational. Manchu Vishnu was responding his remarks on Twitter by expressing anger over Narasimha Rao.

He tweeted, ” Dear @GVLNRAO If most of the FilmStars have v low IQ and Low GK, are most politicians are corrupt and thugs?. Dont forget some of the greatest politicians of our country were FilmStars.Sri.NTR, Sri.MGR,Kum.Jayalalitha just to name three.Sri @GVLNRAO. One doesn’t need to have very high IQ or very high GK to express an opinion. Sri.@GVLNRAO. I am a hindu & I am married to a Christian. I strongly believe and practice Hindutva and I am proud to say it. Sri.@GVLNRAO. I say this bcos what I said ain’t political. I respect BJP immensely and am a fan of Modiji. Respect! Sri.@GVLNRAO.” (sic)