Manchu Manoj’s Poor Selection of Scripts

Manchu manoj, the second son of Mohan Babu has proved himself that he is one of the most energetic heroes of tollywood. He is good at dances and fights.Although, his brother Manchu Vishnu has at least one super hit in his career in the form of ‘Dhee’, manoj still lags behind in delivering such resounding success. 

As of now, ten movies of manoj have been released.Among those movies, ‘Bindaas’ is the only fulfledged small hit in his career. His latest offering ‘Mr.Nookayya’ was released on 8th March and the final result of this movie is still awaited. However, manoj‘s fans are complaining that he has a bad taste of selecting scripts. They are hoping that he should be careful in selecting good scripts so that they pave the way for getting him into success track. Currently, he is doing ‘Oo Kodathara..Vulikki Padathara’. Balakrishna will appear in a special role in this flick.