Manchu Manoj dismiss Divorce rumours

manojActor Manchu Manoj had a chat with his fans on Twitter and cleared divorce rumours . There was a buzz in media that Manoj and his wife Pranati have initiated the divorce process due differences among them. Major dismissed rumours calling them as rubbish.

When will your new movie starts?
Manoj: At the end of August .

When Will You Come to Politics?
Manoj: Then!

You should respond on the issues of Tollywood.
Manoj: That’s our responsibility brother.

Are you sure that you’re going for a divorce? What about your opinion in your wife ?
Manoj: Rubbish, Pranati is My goddess .

Some political leaders have been trying to divide our country with the name of the caste. What is your opinion on this?
Manoj: Our Karma. The Britishers have taught us to divide and rule policy.

What’s the best film you played in your career?
Manoj: The best performance is yet to come.

Good character in the movie
Manoj: My next movie

Which movie would you choose if you want to remake your dad’s movies?
Manoj: Alludu Garu

Is Vishnu directing your movie?
Manoj: No