Manchu Laxmi confuse Balakrishna uncle

In an interview for a popular TV channel, Manchu Laxmi got a chance to interview Balakrishna as a part of newly released movie Uu Kodathara Uliki Padathara, has literally confused him by her talk.

Manchu Laxmi who praised Balakrishna him saying He is the only actor who can do any kind of character, Very much down to earth, Producers friendly, energetic…etc. All these blushes did not confuse him. Balakrishna just smiled and said I don’t like to take praises to my mind as they always make you to feel superior.

But the moment Laxmi called him ‘Uncle’ at the end of the interview, one could see a confused expression on Balakrishna’s face as she was calling him Annayya throughout the interview. Later he recovered within second and as usual gave a length answer for her question. Don’t know why Manchu family has a habit to call all our young heroes with a word ‘Uncle’ which our heroes hate the most and this is not the first time. They even called Nagarjuna and he said, to call him just Nag.