Manchu family desperate for success

Despite all his bravado, Mohan Babu and his filmy family has considerably lagged behind in the film industry. While his bete noire Chiranjeevi’s clan has been enjoying successes, the Manchu offspring has not had any luck at the box office for quite some time now.

Mohan Babu himself is looking for a good role as a lead to strike back. He is now working on a film on Ravana Brahma to be directed by Raghavendra Rao to showcase his talents.

Vishnu did not have much luck even after marriage.Dhee was his last film that was noticed by the audience. After a series of failures trying to be a mass hero, Vishnu is now working with Nageswara Reddy in a comedy to regain the lost ground.

Manoj too did not pick up despite valiant efforts. While his last film Mr Nokia/Nookayya left him disappointed, he is looking forward to Uu Kodataara in which Balakrishna is playing an interesting role.

Lakshmi Prasanna did make some impression with her role in Anaganagaa Oka Dheerudu, but after that she had no good roles. She is now pinning hopes on Ramgopal Varma’s Department and Maniratnam’s Kadhal.

The Manchu family sorely needs some good news at the box office to stay afloat in the film industry.