Manchu entertainments falls flat at Boxoffice

Veteran actor Mohan Babu who played different roles  got appreciation from public to become a Hero, His movie ‘Assembly Rowdy’ success gave him a title as ‘Collection King’, With ‘Pedharayadu’ success he felt as a legend and stared comparing himself with Chiranjeevi. This affect continued till Telugu cinema Vajrotsavam ,where he showed his anger on Chiranjeevi and other for not considering him as a legend. And still he feels the same, His children grown up looking at his father maintain the same mentalities

Recently, Major satire  on Mega family saying that  “I wanted to deliver a blockbuster on my own and so that star directors start approaching me. I could easily use my father’s name and rope in some star director. But I don’t want that type of stardom,” . However, despite coming up with their best budgets and technology the Manchu family’s home banner Manchu Entertainments has not been able to score a single success. The analysts say the biggest mistake here is their choice of directors. Apparently, each time the storyline and concept has been wonderful but they have failed in picking the right directors is the key reason why movies like ‘Mr Nookayya’ and the latest release ‘Uu Kodathara Ulikki Padathara’ have failed to get the desired response. With 2 flops Machu Entertainment fall flat at Boxoffice and  is coming up with a new movie ‘Gundelo Godari’ with Manoj’s so called  sister Tapsee as heroine with a new director again . Lets see if Manoj considers star directors for his future projects.