Manchi Reddy and Kishan Reddy creates High drama

manchi-reddy-kishan-reddyFormer Congress MLA Manchi Reddy and Ibrahimpatnam MLA Manchireddy Kishan Reddy, high drama rocked the TV channels as tension prevailed in Ibrahimpatnam, over alleged links of the latter’s with gangster Nayeem.

Manchi Reddy has alleged that TRS MLA is having the connections with gangster Nayeem and he claimed that Kishan Reddy is having property of 50 acres worth 200 crores. He added that, Kishan Reddy used to threaten farmers with the support of Nayyem and garb their properties for cheaper rates.

While Kishan Reddy has thrown a challenge to MLA Malreddy Rangareddy to come for a debate on his allegations and sat at Ibrahimpatnam X Roads with his followers. But Manchi Reddy didn’t turn up. Manchi Reddy wanted a debate in media house. Kishan Reddy refuted saying, Manchi Reddy allegations are baseless. He has no links with Nayeem.