Manasa Himavarsha trolled for anti NTR comments

manasa-1Actress Manasa Himavarsha has been trolled mercilessly for comments on Jr NTR’s Bigg Boss Show.
Manasa Himavarsha was approached to be a part of the show, but something went wrong.

She posted: “Ok, Now I feel glad not being a part of it #Beginstoday #seriousshit #ifonlyUknowWhatimean (sic).”

When she was trolled she posted responded: “Publicity stunt and me ?? ??? As I see this word attention seeker, quite highlighted by many of u, all I would say is you are never so wrong about me folks .I am the most non controversial person and I stay miles away to anything that would provoke a over night fame.I do my bit of job and stay at peace . . If only I had to, in the Past did many a occasions raised to which I never had my head turned and wil remain the same no matter what may come N go. I really care nuts for popularity (sic).”

She again posted : “Guys Guys Guys , , , could you just relax a bit ??? Did u even see me mentioning NTR anywhere in my posts ? No point in just trolling me over my honest opinions … (sic).”