Manalo Okkadu Movie Review – Bold Attempt

manalo-okkaduMovie Review: Manalo Okkadu
Starring: RP Patnaik, Anita, sai Kumar , Nazar
Story, music, directed by R Patnayak
Producer: Mohan gurajala Rating 2.75/5


Krishna Murthy ( R P Patnaik ) works a physic lecture in a college , his wife Sravani (Anitha) is a music teacher. Krishna Murthy and his wife live a simple and smooth life until a news channel telecasts a news. Krishna loses his job, and differences pop up between Husband and wife . Krishna will be branded as a Criminal in the society. What is that news that shock the life of Krishna?. What is the relationship between Krishna Murthy and the news channel MD Pratap (Sai Kumar) ? How will Krishna Murthy come out of sexual charges? forms the story.


The plot selected by RP Patnaik has a strength in it . He took the film burden completely on his shoulders, right from scripting , acting .. Direction. Anita, Sai Kumar, Nasser were good in their roles. The director was able to showcase as How one mistake spoils the entire life? If media house has an Ego what could be its consequences and how will it affect the lives of people?
RP was able to do justice to his role Krishna Murthy, who stays strong and lock horns with a media house to prove himself as ‘Clean’.

The scenes between Nazar and sai Kumar during pre-climax is going to be the highlight of the film . The audience will get connected with the film in the first half but gets irritated and bored in the second half as the suspense is revealed in the first half itself. Even the Climax is not Fresh . The main strength of the film is plot and the music . Tirumal Rao dialogues and Cinematographer Siddharth’s work is good. Overall , Manalo Okkadu is a bold attempt to wage war against the media . However, it lacks the thriller factor and entertainment.

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