Mana Oori Ramayanam Movie Review – Conflict Within

mana-oori-ramayanam-reviewMovie : Mana Oori Ramayanam
Director : Prakash Raj
Producer : Prakash Raj
Music Director : Ilayaraja
Starring : Prakash Raj, Priyamani Rating : N/A


Bhujangam (Prakash Raj) is a Landlord and respectable man in a village . He has a daughter of marriageable age , He brings a marriage proposal to her but she rejects it. Bhujangam gets frustrated. One the other hand, Siva(Satya) is a auto driver who always revolves around Bhujangam expecting a favor of getting Visa to Dubai with the help of Bhujangam.

The day before Sri Rama Navami, Bhujangam turns drunk and falls to the attraction of a prostitute played by priyamani. He turns desperate for the prostitute. He sets a deal with Siva who brings the prostitute to Bhujangam’s place (a shed). But Bhujangam feels that What he is doing is not correct as it may lead to lose his dignity in the village. He drops his plan of enjoying with the prostitute . Unknowingly, Siva locks the shed and both Bhujangam and Priyamani are stuck in the place. Will they escape? Or Will the Bhujangam’s illegal act gets exposed? What changes happens after that incident? .. forms the story.


Priyamani has done complete justice for her role as prostitute, She once again proved that she can give competition to present actresses with her realistic performance and glamour. The film will be an advantage for her career. When it comes to Prakash Raj,  No words to describe about Prakash Raj’s performance in the film. He was always awesome to watch on the big screen. Pridhvi’s role would be refreshing, He gave a settle performance .


Ilayaraja’s music is one of the biggest assets of the film. The BGM elevated the intensity in emphasizing the scenes. As a director Prakash Raj has done better work than his previous films. Whether Mass audience would like it or not , Regular moviegoers will be engaged with the film. This gives a special experience to Telugu audience as it is very different from Routine films .

The plot of the film is a thin fine thread, One would wonder whether a film can be made with such a plot ? . Originally the film was made in Malayalam and Prakash has done justice to the Telugu version without making much changes to it. The movie revolves around only four characters and their emotions & conflicts in different situations.

Almost half of the film will run in a small room where the lead characters Prakash raj and Priyamani are locked. The first half of the film passes aways without any dragging but the second half will drag much.

Generally in such film, One cannot expect any comedy But the director has embedded a role of a director Gurudu to bring humour to the film.

+ A story’s theme
+ Prithvi and Priyamani
+ Background music
– Dragging second half


Mana oori Ramayanam is about Ramayanam (conflict) within Overself