Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu Movie Review

Mama-Manchu-Alludu-KanchuFilm : Mama Manchu Alludu Kanchu
Director : Srinivas Reddy
Producer : Vishnu Manchu
Music Director : Raghu Kunche, Achu Rajamani, Koti
Starring : Allari Naresh, Mohan Babu, Meena, Ramya Krishna
Telugu Rating : 2.75/5


Bakthavatsalam Naidu (Mohan Babu) in some unexpected situations marries twice and lives with them , maintaining the secrecy for last 25 years. His friend Ismail (Ali) helps Naidu in bad situations. Bakthavatsalam’s first wife is Suryakantham (Meena) and her daughter is Shruti (Poorna), His second wife Priyamvada (Ramya krishna) and her son is Gautam Naidu (Varun Sandesh).

Tension begins as both of his children are nearing to marriage age. Interestingly, Shruti and Gautam’s birthday falls on same date. Birthday gift send to Gautam reach Shruti and Vice versa. Bhaktavatsalam steals Gautam’s gift and sends it to Shruti through BalaRaju (Allari Naresh) and asks him to make sure that shruti hates Gautam.

Bhaktavatsalam falls in more problems as BalaRaju falls in love with Shruti in first sight and introduce himself as Gautam and impress her. How Baktavaslam protests her daughter from Balaju without being exposed that he has two wives by playing tricks. Will Shruti gets knot with BalaRaju? Will Baktavasam’s 25 year old secret remains Secret or Not at the end?


Its great to see Mohan Bbau , even after crossing 4 decades in Tollywood , still gives a tough competition to Young heroes with his performance. He has given his 100% by choosing a character which suites his body language . He has excellent comic timing and proved it once again with this film. Allari Naresh role as Balaraju is a cake walk for him , he impressed with his comedy and also in emotional scenes in the climax. After many years Ali was seen in a full length character, playing Mohan Babu’s old friend . Meena, Ramya Krishna, Varun Sandesh, Poorna and Krishna Bhagavan are good in their roles.

‘Mama Manchu Allu Kanchu’ is a Marathi remake , Director Srinivas reddy succeeded in making changes to the marathi film to suit the nativity of Telugu audience. Director has maintained clarity in screenplay and has taken care in composing the scenes without missing the clarity. Writer Sreedhar seepana has shown his pen power , comedy punch dialogues have blasted. Music was a big letdown for the film, although three music director have composed the music for the film but none of the songs could be remembered. Editing was good . Production values of Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures and 24 frames are good.

Mohan Babu, Naresh Acting

Outdated plot

Overall Mama Manchu Allu Kanchu  is a outdated plot with some hilarious comedy.


Decent Entertainer