Malla Reddy’s potshots at Sonia Gandhi’s personal life

malla-reddyTelangana TDP – Malkajgiri MP Malla Reddy has lowered political disclosure to new level by taking potshots at AICC president Sonia Gandhi in a college function held few weeks back.

Malla Reddy attacked Sonia Gandhi’s personal life, stating that Sonia was born in Italy , brought up somewhere and caught Rajiv Gandhi. sho got lucky with Rajiv to settle in India and came to No:1 position in India. Is there anyone who is bigger than Sonia Gandhi?, questioned Reddy.

He further said, Sonia Gandhi is ruling the country for last 15 years . Luck has turned towards her for being Rajiv’s wife . He advised the girls students saying ,The present generation girls are very sharp and told them to snare a person , who is in good position .

Malla Reddy is very popular among student community as he owns many engineering and medial colleges in Telangana. While the Congress is demanding an open apology form Malla Reddy.