Makkhi takes Rajamouli into losses

Bollywood is a huge market , Any Bollywood film opens in crore even a low-budget film . but to a surprise Tollywood Top director Rajamouli’s Makkhi is received by Hindi audience a mere House film by not caring it despite of his media management and good rating. This proves the true potentiality of the film which does not have a proper script and was successful in south just because of hype given and Rajamouli brand name. In Bollywood , Hindi audience are very practical, They give success only when a movie deserves it , that’s the reason even small budget movies receives great success.

Coming to Rajamouli’s much hyped movie Makkhi , Makkhi managed to collect just  54 lacs on Friday, and 63 lacs on Saturday. These collections look like collections of small town “Nellore” in Andhra Pradesh for a Telugu film. To a surprise, 30-40% collection will be down from Monday . It means the amount spent for dubbing, publicity of Makkhi might not get returned and even satellite rights depend on collection percent in Bollywood. If a movie collect 100 crores , then the satellite rights will fetch 30% of it ,ie 30 crores. In Makkhi case over all prediction might go up to 2+ crore and satellite rights would be around  less than a one crore. The amount generated will be around 3+ crore, The amount invested for Makkhi is 4 crore for dubbing Publicity and marketing goes around 5-7 crore . Therefore total loss is around 8 crore.