Majnu Movie Review – Old Love with New Lover

nani-majnu-movie-review-poster-wallpapers-3Movie : Majnu

Director : Virinchi Varma
Music director: Gopi Sunder
Production Company: Anandi Arts, Keva Movies Cinematography : Gnanasekhar
Starring : Nani, Anu Emmanuel, Vennela Kishore Rating 3.25/5

Aditya (Nani) , a engineering graduate and native of Bheemavaram,works as an assistant director to SS Rajamouli Baahubali team. He falls for Sumanjali (Priya Shri), who is a SAP consultant working in Hyderabad and woos her to make her fall for him.

When Sumanjali pose a condition that Aditya has to reveal his past love story , He reveals his past love story with Bhimavaram girl Kiranmai (Anu Emmanuel). After completion of engineering Aditya thinks to settle in Bangalore, But falls in love with a engineering college girl Kiranmai at first sight. He concentrates on her and turns junior lecture in her college, to get close and spend more time with her. Both get very comfortable with each other and also decides to get married and later breakup due to misunderstandings.

Sumanjali gets impressed with Aditya’s past and falls flat to him. On the other hand, Aditya realizes that he is still in love with Kiranmai. Interesting twist is that, Sumanjali is cousin of Kiranmai and Kiranmai enter Aditya’s life , once again.

Majnu turns Triangular Love story ..Why Kiranmai breakups with Aditya? , Why she is back again?, How he handles himself when she left and Whom would he prefer at last?…forms the story.


Nani and Anu Emmanuel are main strengths for the story, The chemistry between them is an eye candy . Nani’s timing was fantastic with his ‘Natural’ performance & emotions. Anu Emmanuel looks very cute and innocent , she expressed her emotions with her beautiful eyes. Both look as perfect Jodi onscreen. While Priya Shri was bubble and noisy.

Technically, the film score good marks. Gopi Sundar’s Music was good, “Oyyy..megham la” song was good.
Gana Shekar’s camera work , Ashok’s Art was good. Director Virinchi Varma has put lot of efforts to showcase the love story on the lines of cute love story “Uyyala Jampala” But not really reached it. Production values from Gemini Kiran’s Anandi Arts and Keva Movies were good.

Love Genre is such a genre which can accommodate unlimited Love stories, That is the Greatness of Love. That is why the filmmakers tends to make Love story based films. If the chemistry between the lead pair ‘Clicks’ on screen then the film would get positive response from audience. Director of this film has written this Majnu script with the same Hope in mind. Since, Nani also never tried full length Love story, that’s the reason he might had accepted the film.

For any Love story based film, the chemistry and emotions of the lead couple is very important and also the freshness in the scenes. Manju has not missed the core rules of Love story. Aditya and Kiranmai’s chemistry and emotions have worked out well. The director has captured the emotions with perfection. The breakup followed by another girl entering Aditya’s life, making it a Triangular love story , building some curiosity among audience as what could be the Climax?.

The makers should have experiment the film with unexpected climax or should have tried something new. Movie was good but there are some lags in few scenes. It also lack comedy that is seen in Nani’s previous films. However, Nani and Vennela Kishore’s comedy episode, auto rickshaw scene and Bedroom episode were interesting. More comedy was expected from comedian like Saptagiri and Satya. The first half was feel good and second half deals with some comedy and a Happy ending in Climax. The climax of the film was entertaining,Nani and Rajamouli conversation when Aditya who is in Bheemavaram with his girl. Reference to Baahubali 3 making and Marriage was fun generating . Overall , Maju is a decent entertainer.

Old Love with New Lover ‘Majnu’