Mahesh’s Mania No More ??

After two back to back hits MaheshBabu started dominating Tollywood  with his star image  to project himself as No: 1 star of South India.

Even a section of media followed him for TRP ratings as reported earlier. Many national and international brands and ad agencies first choice was Mahesh.Thumbs-Up brand had already signed up Mahesh Babu in place of Akshay to endorse the drink. But within few weeks company has taken a U-turn and began considering Akshay Kumar once again. Many other brands including Head & Shoulders, Santoor are in pipeline to take U-turns as their business have not got any mileage with this Star’s image.

Paying such a huge amount in crores,getting same response is a hard nut to digest for these ad companies.Local situation is almost the same but cant avoid as they have already paid lump sum for years of contract. A jewellery shop officials said Mahesh image cannot drag ladies to shop as it purely women segment .A few brands which have already approached him for endorsement are now on hold looking for other options . Ad agencies Mudra Communications Ltd ,Imageads,Fortune Communications Ltd ,Creative Advertising  stopped approaching  him.

This comes as big setback  to MaheshBabu and his star image, With other heroes already striking back at boxoffice and ad agencies avoiding him,its hard time to take a correct decision and strike back soon.