Mahesh to bounce with comedy

One of the arts that Mahesh Babu has mastered in the recent past is comedy. One of the prime reasons for the success of Dookudu and Businessman is Mahesh Babu’s impeccable comedy timing. Stars who are good at doing comedy can win more hearts than the rest. Best example for it is Megastar Chiranjeevi, who has an excellent timing in comedy. None of his contemporary stars possessed that.

In this generation other than Pawan Kalyan and Raviteja, none others had good comedy timing opined analysts until Mahesh Babu’s comedy angle was discovered by Trivikram in Khaleja. Knowing the strength of comedy, Mahesh Babu is insisting his directors to add fun to his characters in all the movies. In SVSC Mahesh character is going to be very funny and Mahesh portrays an entertaining role in Sukumar’s movie too. Mahesh is raising the bar before others catch up with the trend.