Mahesh stamping Cherry & Prabhas heads

‘Times of India’ the most read English daily in India, its reputation on cross roads especially when it comes to Tollywood news because of a author who takes responsibility of publishing  content.

Today’s article in Hyderabad times published by suresh.kavirayani of timesgroup has turned controversial not because of content ,but because of  the appearance.  The way the article published shows his grudge towards other heroes especially the mega heroes. A article titled ‘Big Releases Pushed to Jan 2013’ features Mahesh , RamCharan,Prabhas & Ram photos . It would be fair if Mahesh is given preference by publishing his one page cut out, but the paper  has published other heroes heads under Mahesh Babu’s foot stamping them . Which means to say indirectly Mahesh would stamp their heads ,give a heavy blow to them and crush them on the ground at Box-office for Sankaranthi race.

Earlier also, of timesgroup who always shows special soft corner towards Mahesh Babu tried to portrayed his arch rivals as mean and tried degrade their image with some articles ,one of the recent article was ‘Pawan Kalyan Has a Love Child !. For which TOI has good enough feed from its reader for publishing false story.