Mahesh Kathi’s other side Exposed

rp_kathi-mahesh-300x250-1-300x250-300x250-300x250-1-300x250.jpgCritic Mahesh Kathi who talks about fundamental rights, ethics, moral and self-respect was completely exposed in a TV channel debate.

Mahesh Kathi who talks about extramarital affairs of others was alleged to have affairs with girls who came to auditions, luring them. Mahesh himself stated that he wrote messages like ” I Like you, I love you, I want you”.

Meanwhile, a website has exposed Mahesh Kathi’s private messages chat screenshots which went viral on social media. Where Mahesh Kathi reportedly quotes,

“Industry loki daari kaavali.. aa daari nenu anuko..mana bonding baagunte anni baaguntaayi” “Lekapothe nenu ok cheyyanu gaa. Nuvvoo nacchav. So..” “Kalavataaniki nenu eppudina ready

He also claims that ” I am divorced n live alone in Hyderabad’.

After all this mess, Mahesh Kathi being a womaniser still defends that he has every right to question Pawan Kalyan credibility in politics and threatens to expose the actor’s private life.