Mahesh Kathi worried about Agnyaathavasi distributors

rp_mahesh-kathi-174x300-1-174x300-174x300-1-174x300.jpgFilm critic Kathi Mahesh, who reviewed Pawan Kalyan, Trivikram combination Agnyaathavasi, starts worrying about the distributors of the film.

He says the film is budget is reportedly 123 crores and the major part of the budget went for remunerations. Pawan Kalyan reportedly took 40 crores and Trivikram remuneration would be around 20-25 crores. Drawing the difference between Rajamouli and Trivikram, He said, Rajamouli tries to spend the money on screen whereas Trivikram spends the money offscreen only on remunerations.

The film is made with such huge budget and the producer has made table profit of 30 crores selling it for 150 crores, the film has to collect at least 230 crores for recovery of distributors capital cost and should 250 crores for profits. Are the people of Telugu states willing to be looted during festivals season?