Mahesh Kathi targets Poonam Kaur personal life

poonamFinally, Critic Mahesh Kathi issue has turned into personal. Mahesh allegations against Pawan Kalyan’s personal affair with actress Poonam Kaur seems more dangerous.

Mahesh Kathi who claims to be fighting for his self-respect shoots 6 questions at Poonam Kaur after she defended Pawan Kalyan.

1. How Poonam Kaur became AP Handlooms Brand Ambassador?
2. Why did she performed Archana in Tirumala in Tirumala with same ‘gothram’ of Pawan Kalyan and standing beside him, while Poonam is a Punjabi?
3. Who saved Poonam when she attempted suicide after getting cheated by Pawan Kalyan?, Who paid Hospital bills?
4. What promise did Pawan Kalyan make to Poonam’s Mother? Did he fulfil?
5. Why Poonam hastes Trivikram?
6. Her presence at Tantric pooja along with Pawan Kalyan and Trivikram at Narsing?