Mahesh Kathi slams Hyper Adi over Belly and Bald

mahesh-kathiControversial movie critic Mahesh Kathi expressed his anger at Jabardasth standup comedian Hyper Adi for remarks against film reviewer.

Hy[per Adi in his comedy skit said, Anyone can write reviews who has a big belly at front side and Blade at the backside. ” సినిమాలు తీయడం కష్టం. రివ్యూలు రాయడం ఏముంది. ముందు పొట్ట, వెనుక బట్ట ఉంటే చాలంటూ “.

Mahesh Kathi who came live on Facebook criticised the Jabardasth show for degrading the taste of the people with under the belt comedy and also criticised people for having the bad taste of watching such a show.

He said, He never watch such a degrading show but his friends have shared the link. He said Adi doesn’t look like a promising comedian as most of his comedy skits have double meaning targeting others with cheap comedy. He questioned, what’s wrong with having a Belly and the Bald? He said he is proud of his Belly and Bald. Nobody has right to talk about body shaping.

He also criticized Pawan Kalyan fans once again saying, Fans silence will be better for Pawan Kalyan.